Not a Fan

The MISH team spent the week pouring into the older kids in our orphanage. They planned a week long seminar based on the book “Not a Fan”. Each day, they held sessions that challenged the students to look at whether they were merely a fan of Jesus or whether they were a follower of Jesus. The students were all given crosses, built to their height, that they had to carry around all week, as a physical reminder of Luke 9:23. In some of the sessions, the students were challenged to evaluate things that caused them to not be a true follower of Jesus.  In one of the sessions, they spent time one on one with Jesus as he told them all the ways they had put the world or things before their relationship with him. It was a very powerful and convicting moment for many of the students.  Join us in praying for the students and for what God wants to continue to do in them.


Second Church of Christ

it has been a busy week for 2nd church! We’ve helped to paint the Miriam Center, build tables in the birthing center, and visit with families in the community.


today, we got to give away animals to families in the community. 4 men received donkeys that can be used as a means to provide income for their family. 5 households received a pair of goats. Each family will give the first born goat back to the church so that ministry can continue. A group of ladies showed up for choir practice/ Bible study and were surprised with chickens for their households. It was great to see the joy on their faces!

This afternoon, we held a Valentine’s party for the elderly residents. They sang special songs, gave speeches, danced, ate lots, and had fun. It was great to experience that alongside them and their caretakers.

It’s been a busy week in St. Louis. Major surgeries, minor procedures, mobile clinics, ultrasounds, working with the Miriam Center, grocery ministry, sports with the kids, time at the school/preschool, projects getting completed (cabinets, shutters, benches, tables, leaks repaired). Check out the pictures below to get a glimpse…..

Gran Moun Christmas Party!

Our elderly home celebrated its Christmas party this past week.  After the difficulty of last year, it was a great time to enjoy each other, to have fun, to laugh, and to thank God.  The re

sidents were so excited, they started getting ready 3 hours early! They all came in their best dress or favorite outfits.  As they came up, we were able to get fun photos of them at the photo booth. One of the staff opened the party with a time of prayer and song, and then the party got started.  Several of the residents had volunteered to perform specials at the party. Meprilla sang a song and Leon did a dance (she’s got moves!).

After Leon’s dance performance, all of the residents and staff joined in and started dancing. It lasted for quite a while before slowing down.  Two of the orphanage kids dance groups showed up and did guest performances. One of the staffs’ 3 year old daughter sang a song for all of the residents.  The party lasted for a few hours before the staff and residents headed home with full stomachs and happy hearts.

Orphanage Christmas Party!

26238899_1757473684276352_8952843867606544485_n     IMG_1013

Last Saturday, we were able to host our orphanage Christmas party! It was full of laughter, fun, soccer, and dancing.  To start the morning off, we had planned to have a 3vs3 basketball tournament; however, with the rain, we were forced to move it to indoor soccer. The kids made teams ranging between younger and older kids and a few of the team members. We had 8 teams participate. In the championship match, it ended tied at 3-3, so the kids decided to do penalty kicks. Majority of the other kids piled into the room and were loudly cheering for who they wanted or trying to distract the opposing team. After the first round of kicks, it was still tied so we had to go again. They take soccer matches quite seriously! In the end, the smaller team won and each received a new soccer ball as their “trophy”

After soccer, we went to set up the party and get ready. All of the kids got really dressed and came over to the common area.  One of the staff led us in a time of worship and prayer before we started the party.  The team had two photobooths set up so the kids could take Christmas pictures and silly pictures.  They loved using different props and being silly having their pictures taken.


Once the party, there were several games.  The first game was Santa Limbo.  We had a mix of kids from little to big who played.  Each participant had to put a balloon inside their shirt and try to go under the line without touching or falling.  We had several rounds before anyone got out.  In the final round, we had Dieunese and Olantos. Despite Olantos being double Dieunese, he gave it a good attempt before falling over. It was quite impressive how low the line got before they finished!


In between the games, the kids had various performances.  There were four dance groups who did specials that they had been practicing. We had two girls groups: Girl Dance and Boom Dance along with Speed dance (boys) and Boy Dance. The kids had different tricks thrown into their performances that the crowd loved! You could tell they had worked very hard and were proud to perform at the party for everyone. (they might have made special appearances at the elderly party too!)

The next game we played was a relay race. The kids formed several teams, which ultimately ended up being an older boy, older girl, younger boy, and younger girl teams. To make it more fair, we lined them up so they thought they were competing in those teams and then switched up the teams. Each person had to carry an ornament on a spoon, in their mouth.  They couldn’t use their hands and if the ornament fell, they had to return to start.  It was a close race until several groups dropped theirs.

For our final game, we played the saran wrap ball game. As one kid tried to roll a 6 on the dice, the person next to them was trying to quickly unravel the ball to get prizes that were inside.  It became quite competitive, some of the kids got candy, sunglasses, games, or little wireless speakers. A group of the younger boys ma

After the games and performances were finished, everyone ate until their stomachs were so full! There was lots of delicious food.  Typically, parties end with food; however, a massive dance party/competition broke out after the meal.  The kids, staff, team members all danced for at least another hour.  Everyone was having so much fun and enjoying themselves.



We had a 3v3 soccer tournament for the boys yesterday, they had a blast. Brody and Aidan each played on one of the 4 teams, but couldn’t quite keep up with the Haitian talent and ended up 3rd and 4th.

Yesterday evening we had a Christmas party for the orphanage kids. It was tons of fun and the kids got all dressed up. We played games like Santa limbo, which got intense as one of the biggest kids (15 year old boy) was up against a 8year old girl at the end. They also played the Saran Wrap ball game so the kids who participated got prizes if they opened the ball up fast enough. After games, the kids put on a few special performances. The boys and girls both had dance groups. They are impressively good dancers. The little boys got up and did a special performance which made everyone laugh as we served the kids their meals. Once everyone finished eating, the dj turned the music up and we had a huge dance party. It lasted for quite awhile and everyone laughed, danced, sweated lots, and enjoyed themselves. We loved getting to be a part of such a fun day for them. At the party, we were able to present the soccer tournament winners with their prizes, each boy got a new soccer ball.

Today, we went to church. It is still raining pretty hard. Church was lively and we’re passionate. The pastor challenged everyone to become new creations and try to live as christ commanded. After church, we headed to the local jail. There were no people there to visit. Tonight, we hosted a talent show for the orphanage kids. It was fun seeing them get so into the performances. Our team even performed! The little boys dance group ultimately won the competition.

Please pray that the rain will at least slow down so we can get out into the community more over the next three days.

UIndy/WKU New Years trip


This week the UIndy team arrived to Haiti Wednesday morning around 2am. Since then the team has taken part in the grocery mission as well as meals on heels. We broke into two groups and went into the market to buy food. After buying food, we went to various parts of town to surprise families with a week’s worth of groceries. We got to share with them, pray over their households, and gift them with food. We are planning on doing more work outside the mission walls in St. Louis du Nord when the weather begins to cooperate more. (Pray that the rain slows down a bit!) Each day we have done morning and evening devotionals to prepare spiritually for the day as well as closing our evenings with more of God’s word. We have already been blessed with the opportunity to spend numerous hours with the orphanage children as well as the members of the Gran Moun. Each day, we hosted a time of Bible study with the kids, learning about leaving a legacy. We have a lot left to complete over this trip, but the team is doing great and excited for the coming days!

God Bless,

-UIndy Team