Surgery Day 2

Well, it’s 8:45 pm and I’ve just finished my dinner.  Surgeries went late, but were successful!  All told, 11 persons were helped by the surgical services today.  Dozens more were ministered to by those at the mission this week.  Tired has never felt so good!  I’m listening to improve guitar duets of hymns and other popular Christian melodies.  What a great way to end the day.  More to come tomorrow!  — Sarah Foust


As I head to bed, I am stopped by the ladies of the house for one last hug.  Our bond grows everyday and when they say they are hungry what is one to do but get them a bedtime snack.  The time not spent in recovery nursing those back to health post surgery is spent with my lady friends/ladies of the house.  Today we managed to head out into the streets and deliver meals on heels and again words cannot even begin to explain the emotions that ran through me.  To think that could be the only meal they have had today is a hard realization of how fortunate we are.  After we gave them a bowl of rice and beans we prayed with them and then headed back to the mission for our dinner.  Again, another day where the people of Haiti have shown me so much love!  I am forever grateful-Crystal Maring



Today I was able to experience many different things.  From sitting in on surgeries, to sterilizing instruments.  However, my favorite part of today would have to have been going over to the the preschool and dancing and hanging out with all of the children.  I am learning so much, and am so grateful for all of the opportunities I have been given and I can’t wait to share with you all when I return.  I am ending my night hanging out on the hammock with Gwen, Andrew, and Nathan enjoying the lovely music around us.  Madison

The really cool thing about being at a “mission” is that it is always in motion.  You can’t walk around hee without running into a ministry.  Whether it’s Meals on Heels (taking food to people who would normally come to mission to pick it up but were sick and could not make it), The pre-k party, surgery, special needs kids, orphaned kids, or school…..the mission grounds don’t stop moving.  Today was 9 hours in pre-op sticking people, praying, taking 97 blood pressures and 96 glucose checks, laughing, more laughing, drinking coffee, watching Dr Sarah be the scrub nurse, and other general and random jobs.  After two full days of surgeries I would say with assurance we have hit our groove……maybe one squeaky cog short of a well oiled machine.  I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with the people of Haiti and when I think I’m full I find another place to stick a little more love.  The people are gracious, caring, loving, relational, and the children are some of the happiest children I have ever seen.  I think the reality of it that they don’t know there’s other stuff out there so they don’t mourn over what they don’t have.  They have what they have and nothing more and are perfectly content.

God bless and we’ll talk to you tomorrow,

Pastor Jim


This is my first mission trip of which I pray and hope for many more opportunities to come, this NWHCM in Haiti is like being at home away from home, there is so much love here between the staff, the volunteer teams and the residents. We mission to come to Haiti to take care of others and serve, but in reality, the mission serves us. It serves and fills our hearts with so much joy… ONLY this Joy comes from the perfect example of Christ’s love. In taking care of the locals that come for medical or the elderly or children that live within the mission walls,  Christ’s love is being shared inside and is spreading outside these walls and following us home. Thank you Jesus, Thank you NWHCM

Rosalinda Hemp

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