Start of 2019

2019 has been off to a big start. We hosted a youth lock-in on New Year’s Eve that followed the church service.

The first week of January, we welcomed the Cayuga team. They spent lots of time pouring into our mission church, into our pastor and his family. They hosted a community meal following church one Sunday.  During the week, there was a Christmas party for the elderly home.  Several of the residents performed dance and song specials at the party. There was a competitive game of hot potato and much dancing happened. Everyone had a big meal and received a small gift on their way home.

Later on, we hosted the orphanage Christmas party.  Each kid showed up dressed very nicely.  We played balloon stomp, which the kids really got into!  There was a pinata full of candy and treats for the kids.  Three of the dance groups performed at the party and we had a great time.

One day, we traveled as a team to La Baie.  It’s a small fishing community about 2 hours from the mission. We were able to visit homes, pray with individuals, and share some groceries with them.  We had purchased a few animals and were able to gift two families with a pair of goats, which will hopefully provide an income. We also purchased two donkeys to help with some of the manual jobs that needed to be done.

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