Gran Moun Christmas Party!

Our elderly home celebrated its Christmas party this past week.  After the difficulty of last year, it was a great time to enjoy each other, to have fun, to laugh, and to thank God.  The re

sidents were so excited, they started getting ready 3 hours early! They all came in their best dress or favorite outfits.  As they came up, we were able to get fun photos of them at the photo booth. One of the staff opened the party with a time of prayer and song, and then the party got started.  Several of the residents had volunteered to perform specials at the party. Meprilla sang a song and Leon did a dance (she’s got moves!).

After Leon’s dance performance, all of the residents and staff joined in and started dancing. It lasted for quite a while before slowing down.  Two of the orphanage kids dance groups showed up and did guest performances. One of the staffs’ 3 year old daughter sang a song for all of the residents.  The party lasted for a few hours before the staff and residents headed home with full stomachs and happy hearts.


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