We had a 3v3 soccer tournament for the boys yesterday, they had a blast. Brody and Aidan each played on one of the 4 teams, but couldn’t quite keep up with the Haitian talent and ended up 3rd and 4th.

Yesterday evening we had a Christmas party for the orphanage kids. It was tons of fun and the kids got all dressed up. We played games like Santa limbo, which got intense as one of the biggest kids (15 year old boy) was up against a 8year old girl at the end. They also played the Saran Wrap ball game so the kids who participated got prizes if they opened the ball up fast enough. After games, the kids put on a few special performances. The boys and girls both had dance groups. They are impressively good dancers. The little boys got up and did a special performance which made everyone laugh as we served the kids their meals. Once everyone finished eating, the dj turned the music up and we had a huge dance party. It lasted for quite awhile and everyone laughed, danced, sweated lots, and enjoyed themselves. We loved getting to be a part of such a fun day for them. At the party, we were able to present the soccer tournament winners with their prizes, each boy got a new soccer ball.

Today, we went to church. It is still raining pretty hard. Church was lively and we’re passionate. The pastor challenged everyone to become new creations and try to live as christ commanded. After church, we headed to the local jail. There were no people there to visit. Tonight, we hosted a talent show for the orphanage kids. It was fun seeing them get so into the performances. Our team even performed! The little boys dance group ultimately won the competition.

Please pray that the rain will at least slow down so we can get out into the community more over the next three days.


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