UIndy/WKU New Years trip


This week the UIndy team arrived to Haiti Wednesday morning around 2am. Since then the team has taken part in the grocery mission as well as meals on heels. We broke into two groups and went into the market to buy food. After buying food, we went to various parts of town to surprise families with a week’s worth of groceries. We got to share with them, pray over their households, and gift them with food. We are planning on doing more work outside the mission walls in St. Louis du Nord when the weather begins to cooperate more. (Pray that the rain slows down a bit!) Each day we have done morning and evening devotionals to prepare spiritually for the day as well as closing our evenings with more of God’s word. We have already been blessed with the opportunity to spend numerous hours with the orphanage children as well as the members of the Gran Moun. Each day, we hosted a time of Bible study with the kids, learning about leaving a legacy. We have a lot left to complete over this trip, but the team is doing great and excited for the coming days!

God Bless,

-UIndy Team


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