God’s Promise Day 2&3

Hey everyone! Today we had another great day at VBS and loving on the kids. We taught about how God promises us peace when we worry. It was very applicable to the kids and we had great discussions in small group. We are all working hard to memorize the Bible verses in Creole and the kids are memorizing in English. A lot of great friendly competition! After VBS, Lauren, Ashley, Joseph, Jennifer, and Lindy hung out at the orphanage. We played lots of Uno games, made friendship bracelets, painted nails, jumped rope, etc. We love spending time with those crazy kids.

Jael, Nicole, Jenna, and Juju went and helped with Meals on Heels today. They delivered food to 3 homes in the local town. They got to pray with each family and love on the children.

Victoria and Brittany (from another team) went to the jail to visit and take food to the prisoners, but there were none there. That’s a good thing so they were happy.

The girls participated in brothel ministry today. Girls from the local brothel come to the mission to make jewelry which they sell in hopes of making enough money to quit working at the brothel. Jael and Nicole lead a devotion about how God is always with us and therefore we do not have to be afraid. The girls enjoyed it!

Joseph also helped the One Life team build 2 benches for the mission. Yesterday they built bookshelves for the school and the teachers are so excited about it.

The wifi at the mission is not working properly so that is why we are not able to contact you very much, if at all.

We are loving our time in Haiti and appreciate your continued prayers! We are still healthy and 100% bug bite free!!

Praise Jesus!

-Team Viera


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