BVC Weekend Ministry

Yesterday we had a lovely time hiking to a waterfall. We got to experience forging a river multiple times, getting our skirts wet, and walking through a rural Haitian village. The waterfall trip was truly an incredible time of seeing more of God’s creation and another amazing, beautiful experience in Haiti. Part of the group went to the market later. They bought cheese, bread, shakes (canned milkshakes called Bongou), and it was really neat to see another side of daily life in Haiti—shopping at the big market in the city. The afternoon was spent again at the Miriam Center, and smiles and laughter were shared with all. Evening was movie night with the kids at the Miriam Center and we watched the Lego Movie with them. Everyone was wild with excitement before it started, and it was so special to share in their joy. Today we experienced Haitian church, and it was really neat to see God’s presence in another nation and remind us that He is not simply an American God, but one whose children are across the whole world. The morning was very special. Afternoon was again spent hanging out with the Gran Moun, some of the translators and mission staff, and the Miriam Center. And napping. J We took two of the long term missionaries out to dinner at a Haitian restaurant, and some of us got to try goat for the first time. Corrina ate too many plantains—which were delicious, and we were happy to share our extras with some of the kids at the Miriam Center when we got back. Another incredible two days in Haiti!


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