BVC Day 3&4

Today, we went to the beach with kids who live in the Miriam Center at the Mission. They have various types of special needs, and we got to spend time with them doing something super fun! The beach was gorgeous, and we all rode there in the back of a truck with children in our laps- let’s say it was slow and bumpy! We also visited a man in the local jail and delivered meals to homes in the community. It was a truly incredible and blessed day! Thank you all for your prayers.

Yesterday we spent our morning with the Gran Moun. We sang and Michelle have a short Devo, We then asked them about their family through a craft and we made bracelets with them and lost horribly at Dominos. In the evening we hosted a party for the Miriam Center staff. We played some games and gave them a gift of beans and rice to say that we appreciate the selfless way they serve the kids day after day. During the party we played the most amazing game of musical chairs. Everyone loves dancing and there was uproarious laugher towards the end as the game became intense. The last game that we played with them was a balloon popping game. There was so much joy that all the staff members had. It was an amazing time of laugher and letting loose with the staff and everyone was blessed by it.


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