BVC day 2

Whew, Bear Valley Church team reporting in! Long, amazing, incredible and unforgettable day. Some highlights…the travel day, Monday, was long, especially the nine hour bus ride; but as trying as the experience was, it was such a neat time of seeing the countryside and the textures and the people and culture of Haiti. Everyone has been able to find their niche at the mission and spend time where they feel called: at the house of the gran moun (old people), the birthing center, the nutrition center and all the adorable little kids that spend their time around there, and the Miriam Center. My (Emily’s) highlight thus far has been seeing the joy on the kids’ faces…I have had two incredible experiences today, 1) singing to Jenny and seeing joy light up her face—and her being so happy that she began to shriek, and 2) giving a mango to Isaac and seeing literally the biggest smile in the world appear on his face as he danced around with happiness.

We were placed into three groups today visiting homes throughout the community with children with disabilities and getting to encourage the parents and share Matthew 11:28-30 with them.  One of our groups was blessed to be welcomed into a woman’s home to eat cake that she had prepared for them and have an amazing time having fellowship with a sister in Christ.

Other team highlights were:

A highlight of mine (Jaeda) is singing the baby shark song with an orphan at the Miriam center who would clap along and giggle the whole time.

A few of the gals on the team spent time in the birthing center and were near a young mom when she welcomed her first child.

An unexpected treat after home visits that went longer than scheduled was getting to ride motos (safely) through the “calm” streets of Haiti to return to the mission on time.


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