Bear Valley Day 1

Hello Family, Friends and whoever else that cares to hear about the Bear Valley Church Student Trip to Haiti,

We got all our bags, no issues with flights and made it safe and sound to the mission.

We arrived safely yesterday around 9:00pm at the North West Haiti Christian Mission after a close to 22 hour travel day filled with an adventurous 8 and half hour bus ride from Port au Prince to the mission. We were tired and ready for a place to lay our heads.

Everyone is healthy, hot, and enjoying the time so far.

Today we had the opportunity to join the Miriam Center in their summer morning routine filled with yoga/exercises, dance parties, soccer, stretching, and so much laughter. We also have been able to meet and spend time in the orphanage, talk to and play dominos with the Gran Moun (elderly group), and go into the community to hand out some meals.

Today was a great way to be introduced to the mission and all that it does inside and out. We are excited for what tomorrow holds in going up the mountain a bit and reaching out some families with children with disabilities. We will also be visiting the local jail to give a meal and pray for the people we meet with.

The weather has been hot, but not too terrible, currently it is raining quite a bit, but it feels great after the hot day. It has been cooler than normal, which we will take any day.

Caleb Neel still wishes for his opportunity to ride a donkey through the streets of St. Louis du Nord.






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