Vineyard to La Baie

Our team of 7 has contributed our various talents and passions to the trip thus far. Our travel days were long but we have settled into Haitian life well! Our first 3 days were spent in La Baie. We were able to go to the market and purchase groceries to take to La Baie, do “hut to hut” grocery ministry there, and a VBS. We also helped purchase paint to paint the mission church at La Baie. It was great to get to meet Pastor Phillip and elder Elit there and help partner with them to fix up the church after the recent flooding at La Baie.

We approached the grocery ministry with a very spirit-lead, evangelistic approach and really enjoyed getting to visit with our neighbors in La Baie, learn a little about their family, and share the love of Jesus with them. We distributed 12 bags of groceries to families, with a Creole Bible in each. The families were thankful for the groceries, but even more appreciative of the Bibles. We even saw one family using their Bible to do a devotion together the following morning!

The VBS went extremely well for our first one. We told the story of Daniel in the lion’s den, accompanied by a “lion mask” craft. The kids seemed to really enjoy our lion (Jeff) and making the masks and lion sounds for us! We also shared the Gospel and had a few questions asked at the end, where we were able to talk about Jesus dying on the cross to save us from our sins. We gave each child a personal bag of trail mix as they left. We know that these small gestures will only sustain them for a while, but we hope that the truth of God we shared with them will sustain them eternally.

Today, Jeff (our physical therapist on the team), was able to begin his work with the Gran Moun (nursing home). We did a Coke and dance party with them and then he was able to work individually to help the pain levels of some of the elderly folks.

Heather and Shelby (videographers) have been doing a great job documenting all of these special moments with our new Haitian friends. We are enjoying bringing our abilities together to make a difference in Haiti!



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