Start of 2019

2019 has been off to a big start. We hosted a youth lock-in on New Year’s Eve that followed the church service.

The first week of January, we welcomed the Cayuga team. They spent lots of time pouring into our mission church, into our pastor and his family. They hosted a community meal following church one Sunday.  During the week, there was a Christmas party for the elderly home.  Several of the residents performed dance and song specials at the party. There was a competitive game of hot potato and much dancing happened. Everyone had a big meal and received a small gift on their way home.

Later on, we hosted the orphanage Christmas party.  Each kid showed up dressed very nicely.  We played balloon stomp, which the kids really got into!  There was a pinata full of candy and treats for the kids.  Three of the dance groups performed at the party and we had a great time.

One day, we traveled as a team to La Baie.  It’s a small fishing community about 2 hours from the mission. We were able to visit homes, pray with individuals, and share some groceries with them.  We had purchased a few animals and were able to gift two families with a pair of goats, which will hopefully provide an income. We also purchased two donkeys to help with some of the manual jobs that needed to be done.


End of Summer

To close out our summer ministry, we had the Chester team along with some friends from Indy.  It was a busy 2 weeks, with lots of fun and laughter.


— beach day with the orphanage kids

–seminar for all of the school teachers

–worked on projects around campus

–basketball camp for the boys

–staff jeopardy, where all the departments competed against each other (&it got competitive!)

–hosted outreach events for the local youth group

–Spent lots of time loving our elderly residents and getting them up and moving

–went out into the community, bought groceries, and shared them with random households throughout the town (a surprise blessing!)

–helped prepare for some Haitian weddings


We had lots of fun, are completely exhausted, and thankful for our time here. The residents and staff have impacted our lives in many ways and we were grateful to partner with them.


IMG_2166The Journey/FCC team has jumped into ministry since arriving on campus! They arrived a few days later than expected but we are thankful for the ways they’ve been serving our community. The team has spent time:

—helping in the prenatal program and sharing a morning devotion with the expecting mothers

—delivering food to elderly residents in town who can’t walk to the mission to pick it up

—leading worship with our special needs and elderly home residents

—facilitating a youth soccer tournament for the local community

—traveling to a small church outside of town and sharing with them the good news. They taught the kids and adults scripture and gave them practical, daily reminder of the gospel story

—showed Soul Surfer to the youth in town one night

—visited with men in the local jail and shared a message of encouragement and hope

—traveled to the House of Hope to spend time with children struggling from malnutrition and their families.

Venture CC

This week, our campus has been blessed to have Venture CC serving alongside us. They are full of energy and joy. Their students spent lots of time pouring into our students here. They played sports together, danced, sang, did art, worshipped, and studied God’s word together.

They did Zumba to get our Miriam Center kids and elderly residents up and moving. Everyone had a blast and there were lots of laughs shared.


one day, they hiked out to the waterfall community. They spent time with the kids out there. At the end of their time, 2 students chose to be baptized. While there, 4 of our orphanage kids made decisions to be baptized as well. It was an exciting day and we’re thankful for the way they poured into our kids.

Men of Courage

Over the past 10 days, it’s been a blessing to have a group of men here pouring into our boys on campus. They spent their mornings doing bible studies with the boys of the Miriam Center. Teaching them about being godly men, of having faith, and of having courage. The boys loved their time with the team. After bible study, they had a fun activity: dance party, soccer games, or beach day. The team also helped to build, design, and fix many things around campus from wheelchairs to new, fun toys.


Not only did they bless our campus, they spent time visiting families in the community. Helping to bring encouragement to parents of children with special needs. Sharing the gospel with them. Fixing equipment that was broken at home. Holding the children and just loving those they encountered.

Not a Fan

The MISH team spent the week pouring into the older kids in our orphanage. They planned a week long seminar based on the book “Not a Fan”. Each day, they held sessions that challenged the students to look at whether they were merely a fan of Jesus or whether they were a follower of Jesus. The students were all given crosses, built to their height, that they had to carry around all week, as a physical reminder of Luke 9:23. In some of the sessions, the students were challenged to evaluate things that caused them to not be a true follower of Jesus.  In one of the sessions, they spent time one on one with Jesus as he told them all the ways they had put the world or things before their relationship with him. It was a very powerful and convicting moment for many of the students.  Join us in praying for the students and for what God wants to continue to do in them.

Second Church of Christ

it has been a busy week for 2nd church! We’ve helped to paint the Miriam Center, build tables in the birthing center, and visit with families in the community.


today, we got to give away animals to families in the community. 4 men received donkeys that can be used as a means to provide income for their family. 5 households received a pair of goats. Each family will give the first born goat back to the church so that ministry can continue. A group of ladies showed up for choir practice/ Bible study and were surprised with chickens for their households. It was great to see the joy on their faces!

This afternoon, we held a Valentine’s party for the elderly residents. They sang special songs, gave speeches, danced, ate lots, and had fun. It was great to experience that alongside them and their caretakers.